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Create a funeral plan in the comfort of your home. Whether planning ahead or in time of immediate need, we are here to help.

Create a funeral plan

  • Transparent pricing
  • Decide at home without pressure
  • Experienced counselors

Create a funeral plan online:

City or ZIP code...

Create a funeral plan online:

City or ZIP code...

Comparison of burial cost

Mymoria is able to offer its services significantly cheaper than traditional mortician homes. We are offering our services nationwide and work hard to organize our processes efficiently while maintaining our high service standards.

Sea burials are the cheapest form of burials as there are no fees to purchase a burial site.

How it works

Create a plan

Plan completely online or get in touch with us and receive an offer without obligations.

Plan and organize

Once you have decided upon an offer, one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Day of the funeral

Our local mortician is handling the whole organization at site.

Create a funeral plan online:

City or ZIP code...

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What we offer

Transparent Pricing

  • Comprehensive pricing, no hidden fees
  • Get complete peace of mind and focus on your family

Involve your family

  • Make the right choices together with your family
  • Decide in the comfort of your home
  • Without any pressure

Experienced Counselors

  • Find out what you really want and need
  • Contact us
    anytime via phone or e-mail
  • Personal meetings can be arranged as well

Freedom of Choice

  • Large selection of services and products
  • Fitting your preferences and budget

What our customers comment about us

Our personal counselor from MYMORIA has taken care of everything from the beginning on. That allowed us to focus on the family [...] Compared to the initial offer from the local mortician, we also spent significantly less.Christopher S. from Jena

About us - The MYMORIA team:

Mymoria Team

Your contacts in customer service:
Heiko Reintsch, Peter Kautz, Cindy Gaedicke, Inna Stoll, Björn Krämer

We have created MYMORIA because we wanted to provide an alternative way of planning funerals, supporting people in this difficult time of their live. Whether you are preparing for the future or are already faced with the challenge of organizing a funeral, let us help you to plan a funeral that meets your needs, budget, and location preferences.

Our team consists of experienced morticians with many years of practice within the field. We will answer your questions and can help you to organize and plan, allowing you to concentrate on your family.

Create a funeral plan online:

City or ZIP code...

More information on funerals


Anonymous funeral

No cost for maintaing burial site, read more here.


Cost of funerals

Detailed overview can be found here.


Ashes at home

In Germany only possible if a funeral site outside of Germany is available, read more here.


Plan ahead

Take care of your own arrangements here.

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