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Plan and create a funeral plan

Creating a funeral plan you can make sure that your wishes(e.g. regarding the type of funeral or ceremony, location of the burial site) are taken care of. You can also take away some of the burden on your family. Planning ahead has 2 aspects: the organizational and the financial planning. Both can be adressed separately or in combination. Learn everything on how to properly plan ahead in the following article.

Different ways to plan ahead

We can distinguish 3 different ways to plan for a funeral. :

  • Funeral provision declaration
  • Funeral provision agreement
  • Funeral expense insurance

While a funeral expense declaration details the proceedings of your funeral, the funeral provision agreement on top also takes care of the financial aspect of the organization. the expense insurane only covers the financial aspect and does in itself not contain any organization aspects.

Funeral provision declaration

Define burial type, location, and site. On top, other details like list of invitees, music, speaker etc can be defined. The declaration should be made available to the person responsible for organizing the funeral.

Funeral provision agreement

Funeral provision agreement are closed with a mortician like Mymoria. On top of all details you want to define, the financial securing of these plans is also adressed. Reputable morticians only offer financial products that are independend of themselves. That way the money dedicated for the funeral will be provided independent of the financial well being or even existence of the mortician company at the time of death.


Any funeral provision agreement is binding for the person obliged by law to organize the funeral. The bereaved are not allowed to make changes against the nature of the agreement.

Funeral expense insurance

Finally the funeral expense agreement can secure the beraeved against the financial burden of a funeral without any formal provisions for the proceedings of the funeral itsels. The insurance amount is paid out to the bereaved.

Hint: To get a feeling for the approximate expenses of a funeral in Germany, you can use the Create Plan functionality on the Mymoria website. Get in touch with us for the additional cost of a burial site as charged by local municipalities. The approximate amount can than insured via a funeral expense insurance.

Compare different funeral expense insurances:

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